This online painting techniques course is a series of videos (about 35) that teach painting techniques for interiors, art or furniture. You can paint on whatever you like. There are also inspirational videos and videos that expand your confidence and your creative mind. Also included are Creativity Worksheets and Paint Recipes. It is self paced. By the end of this course you will have expanded your set of painting skills, challenged your creative process and possibly redesigned your home, build a portfolio or reached new level in your art. It is up to you. All levels of skill and talent are welcome.


Section 1. Use of Metallics/Add Some Glow

Section 2. Distressing Furniture

Section 3. Dry Brushing and Gilding

Section 4. Motif Transfer/Oil Paints

Section 5. Venetian/Lime Plaster + Motif + Tinting + Waxing + Design

Section 6. Distressing and Motif

Section 7. Color Work and Watercolor on Stucco

"This Course has given me the energy and confidence to actually start painting art, such fun!

Elisa B.

Nashville, Tennessee

"I love to DIY furniture, this course was perfect for me. I always wanted to learn to work with Venetian Plasters and was intimidated now I see I can do it."

Sasha V.

L.A., California

Learn distressing furniture and walls
Learn distressing furniture and walls.

Distressing, drying brushing with oils, homemade Chalk Paint

Working with Color and Motif
Work with Color and Motif

Inside this course you will learn Motif Transfer, free hand, Watercolor on Stucco, Gilding, Venetian Plaster and Lime Plaster on art furniture and walls.

Commit To Your Passion For Painting
Make time for your creativity and a studio space you can't wait to get to, up level your mindset and skills. Experience breeds confidence. Commit to yourself and your passion for painting by signing up for Painting Techniques for Interiors, Art and Furniture.

Hi I'm Natalie with Sette Design.

I am a professional painter and artist. I have at least 25 years experience. I live in Italy and California and in this course I bring you inside my studios in both places. I would like to help you expand your skills and confidence in yourself. Bring your paint brushes and a cup of tea, and let's get started - fun awaits you inside.